Chocolate Coconut Energy Balls (Μπάλες ενέργειας με σοκολάτα και καρύδα)

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After I got sick and started to research nutrition and food, i became obsessed with healthy eating and everything had to be homemade. No refined sugar, nothing processed….everything had to be made with real ingredients! Once you start eating a “clean” diet you start to actually stop craving certain things. But there are always moments when you just feel like something sweet or a treat. I tend to stay away from all chocolate bars, especially since becoming plant-based vegan. Chocolate bars are full of sugar and really not good for you! You will feel satisfied for maybe 30 min after eating one and then you’re just craving another…and so the vicious cycle begins.

These energy balls are my chocolate bar substitutes. They’re healthy, homemade, easy to make and satisfying. They are great for adults and kids. In fact i would highly recommend making these to give to your kids instead of a chocolate bar. So much better for them! This recipe has to be one of the easiest things you can make. I love making a batch of these to have during the week at the times you crave something sweet.

Chocolate Coconut Energy Balls

–     20 Dates, pitted* / 20 Χουρμάδες, χωρίς κουκούτσι
–     1 Cup Walnuts (unsalted) / 1 φλιτζάνι καρύδια (ανάλατα)
–     1 Cup Almonds (unsalted) / 1 φλιτζάνι αμύγδαλα (ανάλατα)
–     2 Tbl. Raw Cacao Powder / 2 κ.ς. Πρώτες Κακάο σε σκόνη
–     1 Cup Dessicated Coconut (no sugar) / 1 φλιτζάνι Ψιλοκομμένη αποξηραμένι καρύδα (χωρίς ζάχαρη)

*Please make sure you’re getting dried dates with no glucose syrup on them. You want the fat and sticky ones for this. Medjool dates are the best and I have found them in Alpha Mega. If you can’t find Medjool dates and you have ones that aren’t too soft, put them in a bowl with some hot water for a few minutes until they soften up. You may need more dates than i have written. You will be able to tell by how sticky the mixture gets.

– Food Processor */ Μπλέντερ για πολτοποίηση
*Unfortunately you will need to have this in order to make them

1. Make sure you have pitted your dates, so you don’t break your food processor.
2. Throw all ingredients into the food processor and start to blend.
3. Stop every now and then to push down everything and see your progress.
4. Once everything has been blended and mixed together it should start to come together in a sticky ball.(Like in the photo)

5. Use a tablespoon to measure out some and start rolling them into balls.
6. Place all your energy balls into a freezer proof container and let them freeze for a few hours.
7. Once they have been in the freezer for about an hour or so, you can keep them in the fridge.
8. They will be good to take to work or school, but I like to keep them in the fridge anyway so they stay hard. (Especially when you live in Cyprus).

Cocoa, coconut and Date energy balls - raw, vegan and paleo

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