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  • Top 5 Porridges- Its a plantbased life

S: Me and Michelle may be quite different, but there is one thing we share (ok apart from the gigantic fact that we’re both plant-based eaters): we LOVE porridge. Its pretty much the only thing i love about winter

M: Oh I agree, theres nothing like a nice hot bowl of oatmeal during the colder months! Plus oats are extremely healthy. They are high in antioxidants and help lower bad cholesterol and they’re high in fibre. Plus as a bonus they’re really good for breastfeeding moms! They actually help to increase your milk supply; so you know I’m eating them everyday now!

S: Yeah, im not breast feeding (clearly) but i know how low GI it is i.e. stabilising blood sugar and not allowing for energy dips – great if you want to maintain energy throughout the day! The ironic thing is that lots of people may eat porridge, but many make the mistake of having it with cows milk, which can actually prevent you ingesting all the nutritional goodness which it can offer you! The shaaaamee

M: Exactly! Plus by adding different toppings you’re not only making a variety of delicious porridges, but it’s a great way to include superfoods too, making sure you incorporate all those nutritious goodies.

S: Personally, i have a different porridge every week, me being a freak for variety. Porridge is that good for you, it would be such a shame if you ever got bored of it. So we thought, why don’t we publish our top porridge combinations and then you have no reason to get bored of it. Just pick one of these!

Today we have for you the flavours of Apple Pie, Tropical, Peanut Butter & ChocoBanana, Chai & Maple and Golden Porridge. Have a look through all of them and click on the photo or name of the one that tickles your fancy 🙂

1. Apple Pie

apple pie porridge, dairy free #dairyfree #vegan #breakfast

2. Tropical bowl

tropical bowl borridge, dairy free #porridge #dairyfree #vegan #breakfast

3. Chai & Maple Syrup

Chai spice and maple syrup oatmeal #dairyfre

4. Chocolate, Peanut Butter & BananaPeanut butter, chocolate and banana oatmeal


5. Golden Porridge

Golden Porridge, made with oats, almond milk, turmeric, ginger, honey and cinnamon



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