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Olive Bread Balls / Χωριάτικες Ελιόπιτες

There is nothing more Cypriot than the humble olive. As my father and relatives tell me, traditionally in cyprus, breakfast was usually olives and bread (& fruit if it was summer). [Unfortunately, thats no longer the case, where this humble breakfast has been replaced with cheese, eggs, smoked ham and chronic disease]. The village olive pie (as known in greek) was made to combine these two humble ingredients into one. Local herbs were used to complement the olive and extra virgin olive oil used to bind it. The secret ingredient in these pies is the orange juice, which they used to use instead of sugar in the older days (since sugar was rare to find). And By the way, im not even talking about reallyyy older days; up until the 60s, sugar was still a rarity in the villages (as was chronic disease, again, [...]

Roast Veg & Lentil Salad with Lemon, Tahini Dressing

Today’s recipe is a really simple, delicious salad that’s perfect for those Summer nights. It actually came about spontaneously when I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner that didn’t take up too much time (#momlife) and was still healthy , whilst at the same time using up some veg in the fridge that needed to be eaten. That is what makes this recipe so brilliantly versatile! If you ever have leftover veg that needs to be consumed like 1 carrot, a couple of sweet potatoes, a courgette…etc then this is perfect! You can use any veg you like really. I’ve made this with quite a few different vegetable combinations. Lentils are used in this as well, which again are super quick to cook, or you could even just use a tin of lentils to make life that little bit [...]

Coconut Crusted Tempura Tofu (& a simple sweet chilli sauce)

O.M.G. If you havent tried any recipe off Its-a-PBL, firstly shame on you.. secondly.. well then you gotta give this one a go - whether you're vegan or omnivoure. I think it's the play on textures which really elevates this dish to something that tastes complicated, looks impressive but actually, its simple to make! The tofu changes texture once it has been marinated and then gets tempurad (I've made tempura into a verb) and it feels meaty and indulgent. The coconut brings a slight sweetness to it, but that gets balanced with the marinade and sweet chilli sauce (which by the way, i would recommend you make!). You probably have all these ingredients in your fridge, and you can drain the tofu and make the marinade and batter ahead of time. In terms of health benefits, we've already talked about the [...]

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