About Us

What’s this all about?

You may be a person who, like us (yeap, theres two of us!), chooses to not eat animals, or you may simply want to reduce your intake of animal products; you may be a person that just wants to make some seriously tasty food, or you may even just want to live a healthier life and you are looking for information on how food can be medicine! If you’re any of the above… welcome! Welcome to a blog created and based in Cyprus, shared by two (note: Greek-Cypriot food made plant-based will definitely be a priority – yum!)

You may be wondering ‘why are there two people writing this blog?’ Well there are a few reasons.  (Those “two people”, that’s me Stephanie, and me Michelle, so, nice to meet you!). Its-a-PBL blog wants to show how two people who are very different, can come to lead one lifestyle for very different reasons, yet eventually share something quite fundamental (See About Us for details). It is about showing how ultimately, despite the reason(s) you may have chosen to reduce your animal intake, you end up doing it and sustaining it for three reasons; the environment, the sentient animals and your health. In the meantime not only do you realize sharing this lifestyle can bring you closer to people you didn’t expect, but through Its-a-PBL you’ll come to see that you can still enjoy some of your favourite foods.

You will come to see the differences (and similarities!) between the two of us throughout this blog, perhaps through our recipes, personalities or perhaps through our priorities when it comes to food making. Our blog is about helping you see that you can always adapt a plant-based lifestyle to who you are, what you like and how much time you have. The fact that there are two people, means that we will try and test eachother’s recipes (and be brutally honest to eachother if they suck!) and may even challenge eachother to a double trouble challenge – which is where on certain “classic” recipes we will challenge the other to post their personal take on a recipe. Of course, Steph will always believe hers is the best, and Michelle hers.. but hey, okay, we’ll let you be the judge of that

Now, start cooking some seriously delicious food!!