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You may be a person who, like us, chooses to not eat animals, or you may simply want to reduce your intake of animal products; you may be a person who wants to eat healthier but doesn’t want to sacrifice tastyness, or you may be a restaurant owner who wants to include more Vegetarian-friendly options on their menu! If you’re any of the above and more… welcome! Welcome to one of the first vegetarian/vegan blogs of Cyprus! 

In this blog you will find that two people work it; that’s Stephanie and Michelle. While Stephanie is the main blogger & recipe creator, Michelle handles the design, technical support and blogs every so often! Despite the reason(s) someone has chosen to reduce their animal intake, one ends up doing it and sustaining it for one or all of three reasons; the environment, the sentient animals and your health. In the meantime not only do you realize sharing this lifestyle can bring you closer to people you didn’t expect, but It’s a Plant-Based Life is about giving you recipes which are NOT COMPLICATED, are DELICIOUS and HEALTHY!  

Not just Food

We dont only include recipes. No no no. Here you will also find tips, tricks and hacks about how to make the adoption of a healthier life easy, information on restaurants that are vegan/vegetarian friendly (Cyprus) and Opinions on matters which frequently arise.


As a service, we offer recipe development for restaurants or cafes who want to include more Vegetarian friendly items on their menu. We offer consultations to restaurant businesses about cooking substitutions (e.g. what do I use instead of eggs?!) and menu recommendations so as to increase the appeal value. Interested in this or want to find out more? Contact us!

StephanieRecipe Developer / Blogger
Born in Sweden, raised in Cyprus, hey there 🙂 I became predominantly plant-based 2 years ago, after coming across some shocking but valuable information about how much the food we eat changes our body & mind as well as the world around us. Combine this with a passion for cooking & baking, and this blog was born! I also love to move, yoga, animals and nature. And champagne, i love that too.
MichelleDesigner / Guest blogger
Born & raised in South Africa, now living in Cyprus, hey there 🙂 I became vegan in an attempt to heal myself from a rare autoimmune disease the doctors deemed “incurable”. I managed to put myself in remission thanks to a plant – based diet! I am a mom to 2 fur babies and more recently a baby girl. I love hanging out with them, practicing yoga, photography and of course designing