Apple Granol-Crumble

This has to be one of my fave breakfasts ever. No joke. There is something so satisfying about combining two opposites: soft and crisp, hot and cold. I think texture and temperature are just as important when eating because, well hey, taste isnt the only sense right! The warm soft apples and crisp granola, surrounded in the ice cold milk just absolutely does the trick. The stewed apples alongside the oat-filled crumble, provide slow-release energy for the day with it being low GI, keeping you fuller for longer, ticking your fibre needs, upping your zinc intake and having cholesterol-lowering properties. To cut the long story short, its just the best breakfast ever. Or have i said that already? Every sunday i like to evaluate whats coming up in my week – is it a busy one? Are there gonna be [...]

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Swedish cinnamon buns – Σουηδικά κουλούρια κανέλας

Well, ive been posting recipes inspired from my Cypriot side, so i figured time to post something from my Swedish side. Whether you’re swedish or not, everyones heard of or seen the infamous cinnamon bun. In Sweden a cinnamon bun (aka. “bullar”) is crucial during the necessary “Fika” time – a “necessary break” you take everyday (work-day or not) at around midday with coffee and a bun. To this day, my mormor / grandma, at 11:30 every single day, sits down with her coffee and a homemade cinnamon bun. It doesnt matter where she is, or what shes doing, she must sit down for a cinnamon bun and a latte at 11:30. Going and staying with her in the summer I used to love that time; we never spoke during it – just enjoyed our coffee and our bun in silence, me reading my book, [...]

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Carrot Cake / Κάροτ κέικ, νηστίσιμο

  My carrot cake recipe is one i’ve been editing and perfecting ever since my University days when me and my housemate cured our home-bound boredom several times with baking; carrot cake being our first attempt. And i use the word attempt for a reason. But alas, since then, both her and I have bettered our skills, and i share with you the current version. I love making carrot cake because 1. everything is in one bowl 2. I almost always have these ingredients ready at home and 3. even when you follow a recipe, it never tastes exactly the same, giving it that element of surprise. I dont know why, i mean, is it the carrots?! Maybe they’re juicier in some seasons than others? Of course this is a dairy-free and egg-free carrot cake, and im not going to lie, I [...]

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