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Autumnly Stew, with mustardy pearl barley (Στιφάδο, με κριθάρι μουστάρδας)

Autumn hearty vegan stew, with mustardy pearl barley #vegan #stew #Autumn
No Autumn theme is complete without a filling, warming stew. This particular one is so hearty, warming and comforting, that the addition of meat would simply be unnecessary, considering it packs such a punch of flavour without it. The hour of slow cooking does its…
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Dinner, Freezer Friendly, Greek Cypriot dishes, Lunch, Soups and stews

Okra stew (Cypriot Bamia) / Μπάμιες

Greek Okra Stew, ladies fingers in a deep tomato sauce. #Okra #Ladiesfingers
Okra, or ladies fingers (appropriate for Halloween?!) are in season at the moment here in Cyprus, and when i can, i love using seasonal local produce. Threfore i thought, what a better comforting autumnly heavenly dish than this traditional “stew”. I put “stew” in inverted…
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