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Olive Bread Balls / Χωριάτικες Ελιόπιτες

olive bread balls, greek eliopitta, vegan recipe by
There is nothing more Cypriot than the humble olive. As my father and relatives tell me, traditionally in cyprus, breakfast was usually olives and bread (& fruit if it was summer). [Unfortunately, thats no longer the case, where this humble breakfast has been replaced with cheese,…
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Okra stew (Cypriot Bamia) / Μπάμιες

Greek Okra Stew, ladies fingers in a deep tomato sauce. #Okra #Ladiesfingers
Okra, or ladies fingers (appropriate for Halloween?!) are in season at the moment here in Cyprus, and when i can, i love using seasonal local produce. Threfore i thought, what a better comforting autumnly heavenly dish than this traditional “stew”. I put “stew” in inverted…
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Makaroni tou fournou – Μακαρόνια του φούρνου

makaroni tou fournou, a greek baked macaroni, with 'mince', vegan
For anyone growing up or having lived in Cyprus, this dish evokes a sense of nostalgia and homeliness – the traditional macaroni bake (aka. Makaroni tou Fournou in Cypriot and Pastitsio in Greece). Im on a roll with traditional greek-cypriot dishes so i thought i…
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