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“Keftedes” (“meat” balls) / Kεφτέδες

Keftedes are a traditional Greek Cypriot dish. They are also one of those meals that make you reminisce to your childhood. There is something so familiar about the smell and taste of them. So I decided to make them Vegan…mostly to prove to my omni husband that you can still have the meals you enjoyed as a child or adult without the added animal torture and murder not to mention all the inflammation that comes with it. In order to get that meaty texture I’ve used soya mince… I know, I know, soya is so controversial! But seriously Asians have been consuming soya for centuries and studies show that Asian populations have a lower incidence of chronic diseases, such as cancer, than their Western counterparts. Soya is a great form of plant based protein, B vitamins and more. In fact, researchers determined that [...]

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“Gemista” (Stuffed veggies) / Γεμιστά

  If you want to try out a traditional greek-cypriot dish, then this is definitely worth a go! In greek “Gemista” means “filled-up”; yeahh not the most creatively titled dish. I have memories of finishing school and buying these from our traditional home-cooked eateries, walking in and always hoping it was fasting season, since i never ate the ones that were stuffed with mince meat [even when i was an omnivore – anything with minced meat in it, i never touched. There’s just something really unappetizing about the unknowns of minced. meat.]. Juicy, packed full of flavour, healthy and filling, these are just as good freshly cooked as they are the next day. I’ve recently had them cold the next day [it was too hot to have anything above 25 degrees] and i was surprisingly pleased! In terms of a serving suggestion, Ι usually [...]

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