“Keftedes” (“meat” balls) / Kεφτέδες

Keftedes are a traditional Greek Cypriot dish. They are also one of those meals that make you reminisce to your childhood. There is something so familiar about the smell and taste of them. So I decided to make them Vegan…mostly to prove to my omni husband that you can still have the meals you enjoyed as a child or adult without the added animal torture and murder not to mention all the inflammation that comes with it. In order to get that meaty texture I’ve used soya mince… I know, I know, soya is so controversial! But seriously Asians have been consuming soya for centuries and studies show that Asian populations have a lower incidence of chronic diseases, such as cancer, than their Western counterparts. Soya is a great form of plant based protein, B vitamins and more. In fact, researchers determined that [...]

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“Gemista” (Stuffed veggies) / Γεμιστά

  If you want to try out a traditional greek-cypriot dish, then this is definitely worth a go! In greek “Gemista” means “filled-up”; yeahh not the most creatively titled dish. I have memories of finishing school and buying these from our traditional home-cooked eateries, walking in and always hoping it was fasting season, since i never ate the ones that were stuffed with mince meat [even when i was an omnivore – anything with minced meat in it, i never touched. There’s just something really unappetizing about the unknowns of minced. meat.]. Juicy, packed full of flavour, healthy and filling, these are just as good freshly cooked as they are the next day. I’ve recently had them cold the next day [it was too hot to have anything above 25 degrees] and i was surprisingly pleased! In terms of a serving suggestion, Ι usually [...]

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Veggie Noodle Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce (Νούτλς Λαχανικών σε Σως Φυστικιού)

Looking for an easy weeknight meal that not only uses up leftover veggies but tastes delicious? This is the meal for you! Its so simple to make and so delicious. Its one of my staple weeknight meals. It can easily be made at anytime, and its adaptable to your tastes as well. The first time I had a veggie noodle dish with peanut sauce I was a kid in South Africa. We used to constantly order from this one place, unfortunately it closed down and so I’ve been re-creating it every since. The highlight of this dish is the peanut sauce. The rest is simple, choose your favourite noodles and veggie mix and your good to go. Even my omnivore husband loves this! […]

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Black-bean Chimichangas / Μεξικάνικη Τσιμιτσάγκα

  A chimichanga is the burrito’s sexier and more attractive sister, who puts a burrito to shame. Shaaame i tell you! I first discovered it when i went travelling, and have fallen in love for it ever since. In south and central america, they wouldn’t traditionally put meat in a chimichanga since this would be more expensive and more heavy on the stomach (they are already quite filling!) Instead they focused on beans (if they were available) and veggies – which surprise surprise is what were doing here (ok and some cheese because, well.. cheese). Traditionally, chimichangas are also deep fried, but to keep this recipe healthier, they are shallow fried (but feel free to go All-out and deep fry!). Black beans are higher in iron and protein than beef (per calorie), so combined with spinach, this dish is high in iron [...]

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Oriental Buddha Bowl (Ασιάτικη κούππα του Buddha)

Buddha bowls have become quite popular in recent years. What is a Buddha Bowl? It’s basically a bowl of goodness, and completely adaptable to you and your taste. The true beauty of it is that you can make one however you like. They usually consist of a grain , a green and a bean, but there are no rules when it comes to your own. This Oriental Buddha Bowl was created because I wanted a delicious satisfying meal that was easy to make and was reminiscent of sushi. I hope you give this a try and enjoy it as much as I did. […]

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Lentil Ragù jacketed sweetpotato / “μπολονέζ” σε τζάκετ γλυκοπατάτας

Once you know how to make a meat-free ragù, or mince, it is as if a light switches on, realizing how many ways you could use this concoction! A meat-free mince was part of the first meal I made when we decided to go plant-based. Does everyone remember the first meal they made when they turned vegetarian or vegan? Hmmm… Anyway. My husband’s favourite home-cooked meal was spaghetti bolognese, so I was like heeey I can totally still make that minus the cow! The reason I’m including this recipe is because many people think some classics like “mince”/”ragù” are impossible as a veggie and by default this means other classics like lasagna or spaghetti bolognese aren’t an option.   But oh are they! Another reason I’m including this recipe is because of it’s applicability and freezability. You can do like me [...]

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Falafel & Tahini Sandwich

Falafels! Probably my favourite sandwich filling! There are loads of recipes for Falafels on the internet. Some even include untraditional ingredients in an attempt to modernise them.  I personally think why fix what ain’t broke? The traditional recipe for falafels is so simple and delicious and can be made right at home. Chickpeas are also a great source of protein and they are a powerhouse of cholesterol lowering fiber. They also aid in weight loss, are a natural source of immune boosting copper and zinc and they’re a great source of iron. So having all of that in mind I hope you give this a try. Why not make this a bit more exciting… Steph i challenge you to a Double Trouble Falafel Challenge! How it works is Steph and I will create our own version of the same recipe and then [...]

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