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Crispy Creamy Salad (with dreamy dressing) / Τραγανή & Κρεμώδης σαλάτα

Crispy Creamy Salad with a dreamy tahini dressing! Dairy free, Vegan ! By itsaplantbasedlife.com
This is my go-to salad and definitely my go-to dressing. The sweet/sourness of the dressing matches the bitterness of the Kale and the sweetness of the beetroot perfectly. I often find myself “trying” the dressing a few too many times and ending up with half the…
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Chocolate Coconut Energy Balls (Μπάλες ενέργειας με σοκολάτα και καρύδα)

Chocolate Coconut Energy Balls raw and vegan
After I got sick and started to research nutrition and food, i became obsessed with healthy eating and everything had to be homemade. No refined sugar, nothing processed….everything had to be made with real ingredients! Once you start eating a “clean” diet you start to…
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