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Chocolate Coconut Energy Balls (Μπάλες ενέργειας με σοκολάτα και καρύδα)

Chocolate Coconut Energy Balls raw and vegan
After I got sick and started to research nutrition and food, i became obsessed with healthy eating and everything had to be homemade. No refined sugar, nothing processed….everything had to be made with real ingredients! Once you start eating a “clean” diet you start to…
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Swedish cinnamon buns – Σουηδικά κουλούρια κανέλας

swedish cinnamon buns, dairy free, vegan
Well, ive been posting recipes inspired from my Cypriot side, so i figured time to post something from my Swedish side. Whether you’re swedish or not, everyones heard of or seen the infamous cinnamon bun. In Sweden a cinnamon bun (aka. “bullar”) is crucial during the necessary “Fika” time –…
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Makaroni tou fournou – Μακαρόνια του φούρνου

makaroni tou fournou, a greek baked macaroni, with 'mince', vegan
For anyone growing up or having lived in Cyprus, this dish evokes a sense of nostalgia and homeliness – the traditional macaroni bake (aka. Makaroni tou Fournou in Cypriot and Pastitsio in Greece). Im on a roll with traditional greek-cypriot dishes so i thought i…
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