Fruity frozen yogurt lollies

Great for hot summer nights when you want something sweet & refreshing, but don’t really want sugar nor do you want alot of calories nor fat. Also great if you want to give your kids something sweet but want it to be healthy. You can “hide” alot of superfood goodies in there too and they wont even notice, like i did with the turmeric (Omit it if you dont like Turmeric) Adjust the sweetness with maple syrup according to how sweet you like things! And if you want this gluten free, just add gluten free oats instead of granola

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Cannellini Bean Sandwich Spread / Dip

A recipe for those of us who don’t have a lot of time and have no idea what to pack our sandwich with. This can easily be made as on a Sunday for the week ahead since no cooking is involved, all you need is to blitz the ingredients together. Don't let the simplicity of it fool you into thinking it isn’t packed full of flavour and nutrition! This doubles as a tasty dip for any crudités

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Olive Bread Balls

A Greek-cypriot Classic that everyone grows up with here; the Olive Pie (eliopitta) or Olive Bread. One of my favourite bakery options, here is how to make it at home. These are easily freezable so i always have an option in the freezer for days when breakfast needs to be a grab-n-go or when i have unexpected guests. I prefer making these with half wholemeal flour and half white flour since otherwise they can turn out a bit dense. I would advise you read the whole post Here since there are photos to guide with the folding process

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Coconut Crusted Tempura Tofu

One of my absolute favourite recipes on the blog; if you were on the fence about tofu then try these before you decide. I think it’s the play on textures which really elevates this dish to something that tastes complicated, looks impressive but actually, is simple to make! The sweet chilli sauce is optional, but i would go for it while your tofu is marinading anyway. Leftover tempura batter? Make some tempura vegetables!

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Homemade Ricotta ‘Cheese’

This takes 1 minute to make, yes ONE minute (ok maybe TWO if you adjust the seasoning) and can last in your fridge for up to a week. Its very versatile in recipes as you can use it for a sandwhich filling, to fill roasted vegetables, in a lasagne, in stuffed pasta or even simply as a dip with some crudites. I love to have this in my fridge at the ready for a speedy lunch or dinner, and im sure you will too once you try it!

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Caramelised Mushroom & Onion Burger

Because everyone likes a hearty. homemade. burger - even when you're meat free! The soya mince in this recipe keeps this burger “meaty” and hearty while the caramelised onions & mushrooms give it that something special. These patties are perfect for freezing; just re-heat in an oven, serve in a burger bun with garnishes and you've got dinner at the ready  

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Rice pudding (dairy free) – Ρυζόγαλο

A traditional greek-cypriot ‘pudding’ which i grew up having on those warm summer nights, although this can be eaten either as soon as you’ve made it, warm, or once its been refrigerated for at least 4 hours. The traditional version is simply plain with generous cinnamon on top but here i've also included a chocolate version. Get creative and top with your favourite ingredients.  Personally, at Step 4 i separate my mix in two and put cacao in one to make a batch of choco-rice pudding and then i leave the other as it is for a classic version

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Aubergine, Sweet Potato & Red Lentil Dhal / Ινδιάνικο Νταλ Μελιτζάνας, γλυκιο-πατάτας και φακών

This dish is also freezable, so making a batch and freezing half is a great way to ensure you’ve got meals for the i-have-no-time-to-cook days!

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Dairy-free Halloumi

Being half Greek and growing up in Cyprus, Halloumi is basically a religion. Enter a Tofu version of it! What makes this dish resemble the original halloumi is the griddle marks, so I would make sure you cook it on a griddle pan or sandwhich maker e.g. a George Foreman. If you're going for aesthetics, cut a small orthogonal shape out of the tofu half way up each slice to give the "authentic" halloumi look! My fave way to serve is to stuff inside a pitta with fresh tomato and cucumber. See whole post Here where photos guide the cooking process

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Mushroom, Walnut & Spinach Canneloni (Κανελλόνια με μανιτάρια και καρύδια)

This dish is one of those dishes that i look at and think.. “To all you people who think we just eat lettuce leaves.. could you BE more wrong”. Succulent and full of flavour, simply by making few ingredients shine. Easy to make, its in one-dish and looks quite impressive – basically perfect for feeding a family and actually, really good for a dinner party as it looks pretty impressive too! Fill with spinach and my home-made Ricotta recipe for an alternative filling

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