Healthy Coconut, Lime & Matcha ‘Cheesecake’ (Τσίσκέικ από Καρύδα, Λάιμ και Μάτσα)

/Healthy Coconut, Lime & Matcha ‘Cheesecake’ (Τσίσκέικ από Καρύδα, Λάιμ και Μάτσα)

You could theoretically have a slice of this (or two?) for breakfast and it would be quite balanced in terms of protein, antioxidants and fats! There is nothing in here apart from nuts, lime, coconut derivatives and the antioxidant-rich Matcha. Definitely recommend topping with chocolate sauce and pistachios, without them, its not quite the same. Make sure you read the whole recipe before staring this

  • Prep Time: 1h
  • Total Time: 1h 10m



  • 250 g dates, with stone removed (roughly 30 dates) -- αποξηραμένοι χουρμάδες
  • 200 g almonds and walnuts (i used half walnuts, half almonds) -- αμύγδαλα και καρύδια
  • 3 tbsp. dessicated coconut -- 3κσ. αποξηραμένη τριμμένη καρύδα
  • 1/2 tsp. sea salt -- αλάτι θαλάσσης


  • 200 g raw cashews * (see instruction 1) -- ωμά κάσιους (δες οδηγία 1)
  • 100 ml and 100ml canned coconut milk -- 100ml και 100ml γάλα καρύδας κονσέρβας
  • 1 1/2 tsp. agar agar powder -- 1.5κγ. σκόνη Agar Agar
  • 1 lime, juice of -- χυμός ενός λάιμ
  • 1/3 c maple syrup -- 1/3φλτ σιρόπι σφενδάμου
  • 1/4 c coconut oil -- 1/4φλτ λάδι καρύδας
  • 1 1/2 tsp. organic matcha powder (I use EvZin Bio brand!) -- 1.5κγ. σκόνη τσάι μάτσα

Possible toppings: Pistachios, Lime Zest, Chocolate Sauce

    Πιθανές προσθήκες: Φιστίκι, Σάλτσα σοκολάτας


      1. * Put your cashews in a bowl and cover with very hot/boiled water. Allow to sit for one hour, but no more than 80 minutes.
      2. Make Base: Put your dates (make sure stone is removed!) in the processor. Blend until it looks like a paste, or forms a ball. Remove this and set aside. Clean your processor's blade.
      3. Next, Put the nuts into the processor and Blitz until they look like fine breadcrumbs. Once they do, put your dates back in along with a pinch of sea salt. Blend all this together until a 'wet dough' forms (it should form little balls if you roll it between your fingers). [If its too dry, add a little bit of warm water.
      4. To the bottom of a spring-form pan (i used a 23cm) add the base mixture, pressing down with wet fingers. Smooth the surface of it over with the back of a wet spoon. Place in the freezer
      5. After an hour, drain the cashews. Add to the processor with 100ml of coconut milk, the lime juice, maple syrup & coconut oil. Blend on a high speed for about 2 minutes , till it looks thick and creamy.
      6. In a small pan heat up the 100ml of coconut milk and add in the agar agar, stirring constantly until it is dissolved. Keep stirring or else it will stick to the bottom! Once it is dissolved, add this to the processor's bowl too
      7. While your processor is running, add in the matcha. Blend until its a uniform green colour! Taste it, if its not sweet enough for your taste, add more maple syrup or stevia sweetener (if using)
      8. Pour the filling onto the base, and tap a few times, releasing any bubbles. Set aside.
      9. Cover with cling film and place back in freezer until set - roughly 4 hours. When set, it will be firm to the touch. When set, you can add the optional toppings (highly recommend chocolate sauce and pistachios!!)
      10. Remove from the freezer about 20minutes before serving so that its nice and soft
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      1. Tara Morgan 26th October 2017 at 7:09 pm - Reply

        Hi Stephanie is there anything the Matcha Tea can be replaced with as it is very expensive to buy in the UK. Keep up the great work xx

        • Stephanie Kyriacou 30th October 2017 at 4:12 pm - Reply

          Hi Tara! This particular recipe heroes Matcha Tea so it would be difficult to swap for something else. Its definitely worth the buy just because you can then re-use it for a super antioxidant tea or latte, or even in baking! If you genuinely dont want to buy it though, then you can skip the Matcha-Tea powder entirely, and add 1.5tsp vanilla extract in its place. Hope this helps!

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